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Frontline Mobile Prayer Ministry epitomizes ​the fusion of faith and service, ​transcending physical boundaries to deliver ​hope. With a fleet of dedicated volunteers, ​it brings prayer to the forefront of ​communities, offering solace and support ​in times of need.

From prisons to hospitals and disaster-​stricken areas, we offer comfort and ​spiritual guidance. Through innovative ​mobile platforms, we connect individuals ​with prayer warriors, fostering a sense of ​unity and resilience.

Frontline Mobile Prayer Ministry's tireless ​commitment to spreading love and ​compassion underscores the ​transformative power of prayer in healing ​hearts and uplifting spirits, making a ​tangible difference in the lives of countless ​individuals.


People Holding Hands for Prayer
  • Prisoner Prayer & ​Encouragement toward ​Re-entry to Society
  • Trucker Prayer & ​Encouragement
  • Hospice Prayer & Sitting
  • LGBT Unconditional Love, ​Prayer, & Encouragement
  • Special Prayer Request

Old Clothes in a Donation Box
  • Sexual Assault Prayer & ​Encouragement
  • Homeless and Less ​Fortunate
  • Free Unconditional Love, ​Hygiene Products
  • Haircuts, Clothing & Food; ​Men, Women, & Children
  • Handicap Assistance

We need to encourage and uplift one another
  • Gang Intervention (all ages)
  • STOP Gambling Prayer & ​Encouragement
  • Slider Prayer
  • Child Abuse Victims of All ​Ages
  • Prayer of Encouragement ​Unconditionally
  • Marriage & Eulogy Services


Prayer offers a multitude of benefits that extend beyond religious or spiritual realms, impacting mental,

emotional, and even physical well-being.

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Phone: 928-575-9806